Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone here. If you have a significant other, enjoy the day. If you don't, enjoy the day too (who says us singles can't have fun?;)). Buy some chocolate. Any excuse to eat chocolate is a good one.

And, happy anniversary to Cyril and Anastasia! Enjoy your day, too:)
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Dream time

So, first, in my dream I was watching this movie on Lifetime. Right before the movie, the announcer said that it was the story of a woman who forces her kids to live in poverty so she can save for a better house. Okay, I dream crappy movies. Why not just live in a moderately decent house? Anyway, the mother and her 4 kids were living with some guy. I'm pretty sure he was not their father. And, I don't even think the mother was involved with him. They were all just in his house.

Then, I'm pretty sure the dream changed. There was this guy and someone else, who might have been me, but I'm not sure, and they (or we) got into a car. Or maybe it was a van. I'm going with we. We were in the car, and someone was trying to kill us. We were riding all down these alleys and around back streets and past buildings, and this other car was trying to run us off the road. And, it was like some maze. Then, some lady in a wheelchair kept riding in front of us, and we found out she was actually helping by putting the wheelchair in the way of the attacking car and rolling out of the way just in time. How a lady in a wheelchair can do anything in a highspeed chase, I don't know. Unless there was a jetpack on the chair. I don't know if we escaped or who was chasing us, or who I was in the car with, or what happened to the lady in the wheelchair. I woke up in the middle of some quick turn down an alley.
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Golden Globes -all the other people

First, the thumbs were everywhere! They showed a bunch of stars on the red carpet before they went in, and almost all the men were doing a thumbs up.

According to my mom when she watched the tape, everyone was drunk. Or on drugs. Hugh Laurie was apparently channeling House, since he was apparently drunk and on drugs at the same time. Yes, she's crazy. I think she just said that to get me. Still, I think she was happy that he won. After she saw his speech, she only watched a few more people and then said she wasn't interested in anyone else. And, she was especially happy that Kiefer Sutherland and Patrick Dempsey lost.

So, the winners:

For movies, Dreamgirls won Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Hudson, Best Supporting Actor for Eddie Murphy, and Best Musical or Comedy. Babel won Best Drama. Forest Whitaker won for Best Actor in a Drama for The Last King of Scotland. Since I haven't seen any of the movies, I couldn't really root for any performance. I usually root for Leonardo DiCaprio just because, but I kind of figured he wouldn't win. The buzz was on Forest Whitaker. That Borat guy won for Best Actor in a Comedy. Yuck. Meryl Streep won Best Actor in a Comedy for The Devil Wears Prada. Helen Mirren won for The Queen. Ugh, and Clint Eastwood won two awards for I don't care what. Also, Martin Scorcese won Best Director.

TV: Hugh Laurie, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Laurie!!! I know, I said it before, but Hugh Laurie!! Um, yeah. Kyra Sedgwick won Best Actress in a Drama for The Closer. I predicted her. Alec Baldwin won Best Actor in a Comedy for 30 Rock. Never saw it. Ugly Betty won for Best Comedy, and America Ferrara won Best Actress for the show. Jeremy Irons won for Best Supporting Actor for Elizabeth I. (Why do they lump tv movies and series together for the supporting awards?) I usually root for Jeremy Irons, just because, so I was glad, even though I haven't seen the movie. Helen Mirren won again, playing Elizabeth I this time. Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy won Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor in a TV movie. And, Grey's Anatomy won Best Drama.

And, I actually went to bed last night and couldn't stop grinning before I finally fell asleep.


Okay, the Golden Globes are only a half hour in, but I can't wait. Best Actor in a Drama: Hugh Laurie!!!!! I think I scared my mom (who's watching 24) by how loud I screamed. I didn't expect he would get it, so I was really happy.

More thoughts on the show after all the other unimportant people win.
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Get it out!

Ugh. You know that "so far away" song? Old, probably 70's? It's been stuck in my head for two days, and no matter what I try to do, I can't get it out!!!! This is why I've been known to literally put my hands over my ears when singers i can't stand come on. Because if it's someone whose voice I can't stand, and I hear even a little of a song, I won't be able to get rid of it. No matter how hard I try. *beats head*

Entertainment news

Golden Globe Nominee for Best Actor in a Drama: Hugh Laurie! They get it right, sometimes. They got it right last year, I believe, when he won. But, history says he won't win, because no one has won the Golden Globe in a drama two years in a row. No nominations for the show. It's the reverse of the Emmys. But, honestly, if I had to choose show over man, I'd pick the man;)

Other nominations: Haven't seen any movies, so I can't really support anyone. Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet were all nominated for movies which I might support if I had seen any of them. Still, I wouldn't be disappointed if any of them win. Or, all three. Johnny Depp is in the comedy category, and Leonardo Dicaprio is in drama, so they're not competing against each other. Thank You For Smoking was nominated as Best Comedy.

Drama series: Grey's Anatomy, Lost, 24, Big Love, and Heroes.

HL competition: Patrick Dempsey, Michael C Hall, Bill Paxton, Kiefer Sutherland. I really don't want Patrick Dempsey to win. If you've seen some of my comments, you know how much I loathe his character on Grey's Anatomy, but even without that, I don't think it's his best work. My mom groaned when she heard Kiefer Sutherland had been nominated.


Okay, I had two dreams last night. They were fairly normal dreams for me, only I don't know why I had them. The first one, was I watched an episode of ER. I haven't watched it since Noah Wyle left, but in the dream I heard that there was going to be a disaster on the show, so I said I was always up for some carnage (I mean, the dream me said it!) and I decided to watch. Someone inadvertantly carried a small explosive into the hospital and it went off and there was blood and people in danger, but it wasn't enough for me, and I was disappointed. But, things picked up when two tornadoes from different directions headed straight for the place. And, there was trouble with the tourists who wanted to go out shopping. I don't know where the tourists fit in, or why I was so bloodthirsty in the dream.

Second dream I was watching The King and I. Only it was a weird hybrid of the original musical and Anna and the King, the modern version. Deborah Kerr was playingAnna in the muscial, only I didn't recognize her at first, because she had a haircut. In real life I would have recognized her but in the dream I didn't. And, she wasn't any older than she had been, although the movie that I saw was made recently. And, Chow Yun-Fat was in it, only he wasn't playing the king, he had another part. And, there was this little girl character who wasn't in any version in real life, helping someone escape. Then, the movie somehow ended up in front of my house, and I was in the movie, holding one of the kids while they all sang "Getting to Know You." I also haven't seen The King and I or Anna and the King in ages, or thought about them, so I have no idea why I would dream about them.