Angela (dani257) wrote,

All TV, All the Time

So, as far as classic movies go, it's a good tv time. The day before yesterday, TCM showed Murder on The Orient Express. Which is significant only because Anthony Perkins was in it. Last night, as a special treat for me (okay, I'm considering it a special treat for me) there was this classic movie that I had on tape before, but lost. So, I got to tape it again. In a couple of weeks, this WWII picture comes on TCM. I've never seen it before, but the description looks interesting. And after that, two more Anthony Perkins films. One in March, one in April. This will keep me busy. Not so great on the tv show front (with the exception of one story arc for my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy. And, I'm trying to ignore certain sick interpretations of the arc). Oh, and the fact that Criminal Minds is still beating Lost. That's good news. Mainly for the fact that I know it will drive some tv critics crazy.
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